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V117 Issues


For anyone that has purchased a V117 unit, we can update to V118 it for a $5.00 fee plus return shipping.

V118 has had a few changes and added new features such as voltage calibration. if you are interested in the update please contact me and I will help you.



Sean Buckner

Mine is S03-60 V117 and I'm facing few problems.

D00 Load setting has strange behavior, any time I reboot the controller, it will randomly get the load ON or OFF.


The biggest problem is poor tracing algorithm, I have to reset power from the PV breakers every morning to start charging. If not it will pickup a very small amount of energy.  I had a total blackout last day because it didn't charged the batteries at all.

The question is:

How to upgrade without sending the item to you? Mine is already in production and I cannot afford more blackouts.

There is no way to update other than sending it into the shop.

The only other way is to buy a new V118 and when you get it, send in the V117 for an update to v118..the you have a spare.

Either way will work.  Best I can Do



Thanx Sean,

I can see many people around, having the exact problems I have with MSB MPPT controllers, also I found on Aliexpress that Make Sky Blue official store sells V117 to V118 upgrade tool for $ 8.00 USD plus shipping.

I have to ask you as an expert I believe in, is this going to work for me?

Thank you,

I was unaware that Ali Express is selling upgrade modules.

I will say this, If you make a mistake flashing the firmware,  I cant help you.

and im not sure what version of firmware this is. I know I have the latest.




I can confirm that D00 setting is not working, even on version 118 it has the same behavior.

The Nu-Link offline upgrade box was shipped with version 118 and as I can see it is compiled September 2020.

No version changelog or user/configuration manual included.

You'll need to change out some resistors also. 4 to be exact did they include those?





Thanks Sean,

I wasn't told that i have to replace resistors, should I?


D00-setting. Maybe this issue is not related to V117/118 and in case you do not know, that the behavior of the DC-output also depends on D03-setting.

If the batterie voltage goes below the value set in D03 the output will also shut off. Maybe your batterie is or gets sometimes week, than the output will show the behavior to randomly switch on an off regardeless of your setting in D00.

I own the V119 wifi, D00 works fine. I use it to protect my batterie against under voltage condition.


Good observation Rob,

My battery bank never fall bellow 12.2V, that's what I can see in my power logging monitor.

In the meantime I got reply from manufacturer,

All I had to do was to power cycle the PV input, now D00 works just fine.



nice to hear. I thought you have done this before.