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Fake MakeSkyBlue Charge Controllers

Hello Folks ?

We need to talk about the difference between the MakeSkyBlue and the fake PwrMr charge controllers. Here are a few pictures of the inside of the MakeSkyBlue charge controller please note that we use 4 MOSFETs controlled by 2 hexfets... super-efficient.  The PwrMr only has 3 MOSFETs controlled by 3 hexfets.

PwrMr Charge Controller FAKE ! 

MakeSkkyBlue Charge Controller Real!

MakeSkyBlue uses 2 large Inductors compared to its 3 small inductors. our processor is 5 times faster for faster tracking, we use 4 MOSFETs to handle 60 amp, they only use 3. we use 2 hexfet to control 4 MOSFETs, they use 3 hexfets to control 3 MOSFETs. this consumes more power. Also, our components are grade A, theirs is cheap components. Their firmware is our old V113... they stole our firmware and they cannot write their own firmware, that's, why they are stuck on V113 and MSB, progressed to V118

Please make sure you buy the real MakeSkyBlue charge controllers and be safe.

Can you please help me identify if I have a real or a fake MBS?

It is the 30A version and when I turn it on it says "30 118"

Sounds like V118 30Amp Controller. I believe the fake models are stuck at V113.

I have V119 which I believe is the same but with added WIFI module and so far it works impeccably.