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Hello all

I dont understand how D06 works.

When i messure and correct a changes allright, but then it just stay the same.

In other words i can messure and correct all day....but there is no lasting effect.

Stay safe


Hello Janus,

I'm afraid you measured the voltage at the batterie terminals. If you want to do it right, you have to measure the voltage at the +/- bat terminals of the “msb“ and if possible with swiched off PV-voltage ( no charge current to the batterie).



Thanks Rob

Very nice info...i'm on it in a minute.

Will report back later.


Hi again Rob

You are right so far, that i messured at the battery terminals.

I did now messure it at msb bat terminals without panels going in...and after that at the battery terminals like before....but i'm afraid the numbers were exactly the same (13.1). Hmm....maybe its a good thing, they are the same.

But but but...there is a connection with my E65-problem....when i have 'Load Fault' and get the E65-warning....if i go to setting and raise the value in D6 my 'Load Fault' goes away and everything returns to 'normal'....but now with a unrealistic display of voltage.

The messurement on the front follow the setting in it is far from exact.


Hi Janus,

As long as there is no charging current to the batterie the measured values are equal. This is ok, but with the value in D06 you can only calibrate the internal voltage measurment circuit. Therefore you have to use an exact multimeter. Measure the value ( from time to time), correct it in D06 and leave it. You must not !! use it to get rid of a fault message, because you may damage the batterie when charged to false voltage values!



Hi Rob

Thanks for the words.

Your last point is exactly my worry.

For the moment i have all the time in the world to messure and adjust settings....but at one time you want your system to go you can focus elsewere.

Sorry to say....but my old (2017) ver.113 have proven that it could be independent....ver.118/119....hmm....not an improvement in my humble opinion.

I hope to be proved wrong.

Keep safe.


Hi Janus,

I use ver. 118/119, mine workes fine together with 2 100Ah AGM batteries in a 24V-system.


Hi Rob

I have used v113 since 2017...and it never had any hickups.

Now i have 2 v118...and all the time are going with checking they dont make mistakes.

I hope i will find a formula so they will be as stabile as v113

Be safe


Hi all.....and Sean

The msb still dont messure the battery voltage exact.

I can remove the load and get one number....but when the load is on the voltage messurement just gives random numbers.

There is no point in setting anything because it has its own life.

When trying to correct things with D06 things just get worse.

Hoping for a response....




So you describing to me that the voltage gives random numbers. So before I dive into this issue, I need to know a lot of information about your system

battery bank voltage and amp hours?

Lead acid or lithium?

size of inverter and maximum load?

manufacture of inverter?

PV panel make, watts and VOC, are they positive ground panels?

How many watts are being supplied to the controller?

at what voltage are you bringing the PV in to the controller?

Im not sure how D06 would make things worse. it just tells the controller what the battery bank voltage is.

Lets start here.





Hi Sean

Here goes:

12volt 200ah

Lithium (LiFePo4)

2000/4000watt inverter Branford (not pure sine)

PV from Hanover Solar 300watt 40.11voc 9.61amp

Positive ground....hmm....can you help...?

I have 4 panels....2 in parallel to 1 controller each.

So that gives me 40volt and 20amp in to each of the two controllers.

I don't think you can set D06 propperly with load i set it with load off....but with load back on it just races out of the point messured on the battery. (Ex...bat 13.2 vs msb 14.2)

I messure with a good meter 3 decimals

If you want other just say the word.




What size wires are you running from controller to battery bank ?

Whats the size of wire your running from battery bank to inverter?

Whats the max load when you are seeing the difference in voltages?

I already know the answer to this issue but Id like the information above to confirm my thought process.




Hi Sean

From controller 2x2x6mm2 (2x2x9-10 awg) to the busbar.

From the busbar to the battery 2x35mm2 (2x2 awg)

From busbar to inverter 2x16mm2 (2x5 awg)

I only have a freezer as load 100-200watt

Thanks for your interest.



Lithium Iron Battery, Im curious on how good this battery will supply 25+amps to your 12v inverter.

I would look on how the voltage drop is on startups on the load. You say that the controller voltage jumps all over the place. We meter voltage quickly.  have you tried a good LA battery in its place. im sure this will solve a few problems