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controller blown

Hello I have received 60A makeskyblue controller who was disconnected battery source before PV. I opened and check the capacitors, they are well also when I measure from ground to the PV terminals there is a positive voltage. What could be the reasons or some mosfet could cause that?

Thank you

Before I can help, I need some basic information

  1. whats the battery ban k voltage?
  2. Whats the PV input voltage?
  3. Whats the PV input Wattage?




  1. The battery bank is 48V
  2. PV input voltage is 130V maximum
  3. PV array consist of 3 strings of 3 330W panels. Total 9 panels.

I didn't get you, are you measuring voltage with batteries connected to the controller, and you are getting voltage, what's the value you are measuring?

Or you are measuring electrical continuity, so you are getting closed or open circuit between chassis and the PV terminals?

Well there lies the issue..

9 panels at 330 is 2970 watts. and you probably had a day where it was making 3400 plus watts.

We call this silver lining. you need to leave some room for it.  pushing 70amp through a 60amp controller usually lets the smoke out of the box.. the goal is to keep all the smoke inside the box.

I hope this helps